New Ebook Announcement – “Getting From Hello To Forever Together” Kindle Ebook

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Update to what’s happening with “Getting From Hello To Forever Together:

I have just received my first five start book review!
The book was reviewed by Jack Magnus For Reader’s Favorite

Here is my favorite line from the review:
“Finn’s writing style is informal and conversational, and at no time did I feel put off by her very professional handling of sensitive subjects.”

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I am thrilled to announce that my loyal readers and followers need wait no longer for the much anticipated eBook “Getting From Hello To Forever Together”

For it is now available on Amazon!

At the very affordable price of less than $4.99 you can now enjoy, all in one place, the dating and relationship advice that you loved on my Your Relationship Whisperer blog.

Who should buy the “Getting From Hello To Forever Together” eBook

  • You are in a committed relationship or want to be
  • You want to ensure the longevity or of your union
  • You want to enjoy a long-lasting, dynamic, exciting and secure pair-bonding

One of the major differences with other materials in this niche is that I stress that you and your mate are the ultimate expert in your relationship.
This is a one of a kind unique creation by the two of you and while you can and should seek qualified AND pro -relationship help with specific issues, you should never allow anyone else to define the union.
In the book you will find quizzes to help focus on what is working well and what needs
tweaking or serious attention.

In addition, when you purchase the eBook you will receive a bonus work book a few days later as a thank you …

Expressing Your Love After His Infidelity

Has your husband been sexually unfaithful?

Are you so devastated and hurt that you can barely cope?

Do you feel as if your love has died?

It may seem a natural reaction to resist expressing your love after his infidelity.

But,  if you did not still love your spouse even after this betrayal then the
trauma and pain would most likely not be so intense and devastating.

Here is where the axiom that says “only those who we love can truly hurt us” plays out in real life.

Many cheated on spouses or partners try to pretend that they instantly stopped loving their cheating mate as soon as they discover the infidelity.

Research and statistics shows that this is not the case!

It is  indeed only wishful thinking on the victims part.
The betrayed partner believe they can minimize or avoid the gut-wrenching pain all together by denying that they still love this person even after the hurt and pain they inflicted on them.

Survive The Affair Here!

Being cheated on by your spouse can cause you to re-examine your entire previous life together.

Questions, such as did he really love you or what did you do or could have done to prevent the affair or one time lapse.
The truth is that adultery is the sole responsibility of the adulterer.

NOTHING inside the relationship can force a spouse or partner to cheat.

Once you have settled that in your mind and decided to continue the marriage then you will have to resume expressing your love to him.

I say resume because, you may have been encouraged by friends and family to withhold your love – both emotionally and physically.

But will this further your intentions of saving your marriage?

If you do not show your husband that you still care for him, then what is there to rebuild?
The marriage relationship is based on acceptance, love, respect and trust.

And yes, his cheating has brutalized the trust and that will have to be re-built and will take time.

But what about the other attributes?

Do you have friends that you have had to forgive?

I can hear you saying that this is different, and yes it is!

Your husband is supposed to be your life-mate.
Does he not also deserve your forgiveness?

If you have decided to save your marriage then you must continue to express your after his infidelity.

For more tips and suggestions on how to keep expressing your love after his infidelity read ” Getting From Hello to Forever Together Now!”

Could Social Media Derail Your Relationship?

Yes, social media could derail your relationship. But only if you allow it to!

Remember, this is only a tool and like all tools it can misused and abused.

What is social media?

Wikepedia defines it this way:

Social media are computer-mediated tools that allow people or companies to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks.”

If your spouse or partner shares more than you feel comfortable with would that
bother you?

What if they shared with an ex?

What if you shared with your ex?

What would the fallout be like?

These are issues that you and your mate must discuss honestly and resolve
completely if your relationship is to remain loving and respectful.
Don’t pretend that it doesn’t make you angry because you worry about seeming
petty or insecure.

It is lovely to see couples on Facebook all snugly and loving, sharing things they did together, but when they start to share individually with others without the knowledge
or consent of their mate then problems could arise.

Read: 5 Social Media Sins Will Ruin Your Relationship

Issues of trust and breach of intimacy is a real possibility.

If an ex reaches out and wants to become friends on one of these sites and you keep it from your beloved because you know they would not like it. Why do it?

It is a gamble not worth the risk, because it is almost a sure thing that this will be found out.

That is what social media means to some people! Everything  is shared without filtering.

So, if you value your current relationship, say “no” to the ego boost of your ex wanting to re-connect and  avoid hurting your current beloved.

Are You Enough For Him?

If you are spending your time asking that question then you are already
on the wrong path in your relationship.

You are going the wrong way! Stop!

In the question above you can fill in the blank between “you” and “enough” any way you like and it would make no difference because you should never ask that anyway.
Women have made this mistake and continue to do so to the expense of their
own lives.

It is a pointless question without a lasting or satisfying answer!


If you say “pretty” there is always someone prettier!

If you say “smart” there is always someone smarter!
And on and on it goes!

So, here are some ways to discover if you are doing it:

  • Do you wake up and the first thing that pops into your mind is him
  • Do you obsessively re-hash past conversations with him
  • Are you telling yourself that you cannot live without him
  • Are your feelings whether good or bad subjected to what he has said or done

If you are asking any of those above then you are already making the mistake that will rob you of your joy, your self-confidence, self –esteem and your reason for being here in this time on earth.

You are not here to be judged and rated and assessed by your fellow human beings.
This is your life and you are just as valuable as any other person.

Your time is better spent developing you, creating your dreams and working to make your goals manifest.

That is not to say you should not connect with your life partner.
However, that should not take priority over your life!

If all you do is try to guess at what your man wants from you and then spend your time and energy adjusting and adapting to his ideal you then you are short-changing yourself.

The saddest part is that is not very attractive to most men.

Men are attracted to confident, self- assured independent women who have direction and purpose for their lives.
In June 2015 the Huffington Post updated the same question “Are You Enough? (Hint: The Answer is “Yes”) Read the article below.

Yes, you are enough for him!

Please if you take away nothing else from this post go and read this one on

About when you don’t feel good enough for someone else.

It makes the point that relying on someone else for your happiness is not a secure way to set up your life’s journey…

Should Your Spouse Be Your Best Friend?

Wise move, huge mistake or wishful thinking?

~Here is another perspective on making your partner your best friend.
This is by Stephanie Anderson on one of my favorite Marriage Blogs, ~

Stephanie does agree with me that the attitude we display when talking
or even arguing with our partner is very important in how that message
comes across.
We must remember to be respectful!

So, continuing on with my question above –

I have heard many couples claim that their spouse is their best friend,
however, I tend to doubt that assertion and feel that if that is indeed the
case, then they are probably making an avoidable mistake …

The intimate relationship between couples is such an intense mix of emotions
it will not be well served by repeatedly “letting it all hangout” which is what
most of do with our best friends.

Our best friend usually knows everything we do, think and feel at any given
moment of every single day.

This has always been what best friends are for and with new technology and
social media this outpouring can literally happen instantaneously.
They are privy to our every extremes of highs and lows and everything in

Most often it is the women in the relationship who make this claim that
their man is their best friend.
Although men sometimes do as well …

Regardless, I think this is an unnecessary mistake and a strain on the

These are my reasons:

  • Romance, which is integral in a relationship between couples is almost impossible to maintain when there is no mystery and even a little “intrigue” !
  • You will need someone to rant to when things are “not perfect” between you and your spouse. That is the role of a trusted best friend.
  • Why put all your emotional eggs in one basket and risk being overwhelmed with feelings of rejection and abandonment if things don’t work out as you wish.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that you should not be friends with your spouse.
You should be very good friends, lovers, partners, teammates and each others champions.
But you are still individuals and need some space and objectivity once in awhile.

This is something you hope to find in a best friend when you need it.

In my eBook “Getting From Hello To Forever Together” there is a chapter that
addresses this question more fully. It is available on Amazon for your Reader...

A Must Watch – The Single Most Important Thing to a Man


That’s the reaction I had after I finished watching this amazing new video …


‘The Single Most Important Thing to a Man’ (video)

One of the hottest new dating coaches, James Bauer, created this video to explain to women what the single most important thing is to a man in a relationship …

I’m certain that what it is will really surprise you.

It certainly surprised me.

(guys really are more complicated than we women think, yet easier to understand than we make it).

After he reveals what this most important thing, James then shows you what you can do to trigger this critical emotion in your guy to draw him closer to you and make him almost addicted to you for the long-term.

What I love most about what James explains is that it’s nothing manipulative. It’s a basic human need that happens to be MUCH more important to men than to women which is why we women so often overlook this…and accidentally send great guys running.


Click to Watch – ‘The Single Most Important Thing to a Man’ (link)

Wishing you constant romance in your relationship!

With love,
Yvonne Finn

P.S. Hope you had a wonderful time for the Holiday Season. We had a big
noisy get together at my in-laws.

P.P.S. I already tried out James’s advice on my husband at it really worked! Give it a try with your guy tonight…

Click to Watch – ‘The Single Most Important Thing to a Man’ (link)

Your Relationship Back To Life 2016

Has your relationship gone stale or stagnant?

Love life gone off track?

It takes care and attention to keep passion alive and your relationship exciting, vital and intimate.
These following innocent seeming questions have the potential to powerfully affect your man and entice him to passionately reconnect with you and the relationship.

Asking and answering these questions will re-energize your love life in such a dramatic and delightful way that it could feel as if your head is spinning – in a good way!
Want to put the romance back in your life?
Has he been ignoring you for some time now?
Causing you to feel unloved and unappreciated?
Want to be showered with his loving attention again?
Then discover the three questions to ask him that will turn his disinterest back into devotion to you once again…

If you have ever felt abandoned, confused and rejected by how your man has begun to treat you then this information is for you.
Watch the video to learn the real reasons men:

  • Lose interest in the relationship
  • What makes him stay in love
  • How to dramatically improve your love life -forever

Bring your relationship back to life by getting the program Why Men Pull Away

This information will be like giving you the blueprint to how the male mind works!

Want your man to see you as the only woman who truly “get” him?

Then you must watch the video presentation at the link above!
You will finally understand why it seems so hard for your man to open up and
become vulnerable by sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings with you.

With this knowledge in hand you will feel empowered to and fearless about finally
asking your man the three questions that will let you discover how he really feels about
about you.

Feel Your Relationship Needs Changing?

Do you feel that your relationship needs changing, then guess what?
You be the change!
So many of us want others to change but never give a moment’s thought
to becoming the change(s) we want to see.
This is especially true in romantic relationships where one partner becomes
princess or prince and wants everything their way.
One partner has a long list of requirements that needs to be met before
they can be happy.
However, they never seem interested in finding out their spouse’s needs and
whether they are meeting them.
All relationships are give and take!
Some people get the taking part; it is the giving that trips them up.
Have you checked in with your spouse lately?
Believe it or not one of the biggest drawbacks to romantic relationships
is the abuse of the intimacy that makes it so unique.
There is an old saying that “familiarity breeds contempt”.
Sad, but true some couples take no notice of each other and treat their
friends and co-workers much better than their wife or husband.
This is because they think they know each other so well that they do not
have to make any effort to engage them.
Of course, this is a fallacy and no one knows anyone that well.
We are meant to grow, evolve and change!
Sharing these changes with our spouse is one of the true joys of being
in a romantic relationship.
So, you first!
Be the change that you want to experience in your relationship.

What Makes Him Want To Marry You

Is there anything that you can do that makes him want to marry YOU … and not someone else?

We have all heard the heartache of couples who date for years and then breakup because the man just could not make up his mind to go into the marriage.
Then after breaking up the relationship he gets married to someone else in a matter
of weeks or months.

Why, what is the secret or missing ingredient that was not found in the previous relationship?

Can you get that key and ensure that you are the one that he asks “will you marry me”?
Are you sick of dropping those subtle hints or worse yet those unproductive ultimatums
that get you nowhere?
Weary of waiting for him to get down on one knee and pop the question?

Blowing hot and cold about your relationship with this man and wondering if it is time
to move on to someone else?

Wait! Before you take this difficult step why not take the free 7 day course that can
help you become the girl who gets the ring.

Did you know that your man can love you a lot and still not see himself making his life
with you?
Frustrating, isn’t it?
You probably thought or have been told that all you had to do was to get him to fall in
love with you and you would be on your way to the altar.
Unfortunately, many would be brides have learned through the heartbreak of a breakup
that a man can love you and still marry someone else.

Men seem to look for a specific set of criterion when they decide to settle down and
become husbands.

Luckily, it is not some super secret requirement that requires you to contort yourself
into the “perfect” woman … just the perfect one for him.
You can discover the keys that makes him want to marry you today and start your
journey down the aisle and a life together with the man of your dreams.

In this free 7 day course you will also learn:

  • How to keep YOUR man in love with you
  • Tips to keep YOUR man in love with you
  • How to make him fall in love with you all over again
  • How to keep being the woman he wants without becoming someone else

Getting your boyfriend to marry you is not as difficult as it seems.
Read and follow the tips above and remember to be yourself.
Just as you would not want to marry the wrong man, he does not want
to marry the wrong woman.

Melt His Heart Easily

Discover how you can melt his heart easily by using this groundbreaking relationship science method to:

  • Make you irresistible to your man
  • Rekindle the passion and romance in your relationship
  • Make him sincerely interested in rebuilding those deeply intimate and intense feelings you use to share

Has your man become distant, cold and seems uninterested in you?
Do you feel as if your relationship could be on the verge of breaking up?
Well don’t feel powerless to avert this disaster!

This breakthrough information in the Melt Your Man’s Heart Program will give you
all the tools you need to bring your relationship dynamically back to life in 90 days.

Apathy and lack of interest is a death sentence for your marriage or any relationship for that matter and it will not change unless you take action.

Hate is not the opposite of love; hate is!

What is so dangerous about a cold, uncaring man who has lost that emotional connection
to you and the relationship is that his eyes might start to wander to other women.

And of course that could lead to him actually cheating on you!
Isn’t better to nip this drift in the bud?

Take steps to avert this devastating occurrence in your relationship.

And take heart! There is much that you can do to recapture his heart and rebuild your

Discover the good news that:

  • Just because he seems closed off doesn’t mean he wont open up to you
  • Just because he seems uninterested now, doesn’t mean he still doesn’t love you
  • Just because his heart seems cold, doesn’t mean you can not melt it

Learn how to fall in love all over again …

Are You Chasing Your Beloved?

Could you be chasing your beloved and is there a wrong way and right way to do so?
When someone is chasing after their man or woman what makes it feel wrong?

There is mutual pursuit where you both are into each other and the interest is not
one sided.

That is usually at the beginning of the relationship or in a balanced one.
However, if the relationship wanes and one person wants out or seems to want out.

Then the other person can become panicky and start doing over the top things to
try to regain the interest of the other.

If you are the only one showing interest in keeping your relationship going or you
are the only one making the effort then you will eventually start to feel bad about yourself and resent the other person.

You have heard the saying,”Love is a two way street”. Well, it really is that!

Of course, all relationships go through times when the couple may feel a little emotional
distance from one another.

And one partner is usually the one to spot this and take action to regain the balanced
union that must exist in all viable relationships.
However, if it is always the same spouse taking action then this could be a situation that
seems that you are chasing your beloved with little or no encouragement or satisfaction.



Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Maintaining healthy relationships is an ongoing process.
Couples who fail to realize and accept this fact are doomed to:
Either live in unsatisfactory unions
Or, endlessly end and begin new relationships
Many couples after meeting and connecting with the right person for them believe
that the relationship can now run on auto-pilot.
This is a fallacy and has caused undue pain for those who refuse to learn that it takes
constant care and effort to keep love alive.
More than any other reason for relationship breakdown is that one or both partners take
it for granted and give it less than the priority it should have.
If this is the most important thing in your life (as many couples claim) then you should show it!
Here are some tips to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner:

  • Don’t make assumptions about what they think or say (if it is not clear always ask for clarification)
  • Stay on topic when there is an issue to be resolved( avoid laundry list arguments)
  • Remember you’re a team and want to stay together and in love
  • Give each other some space, some time ( remember that everyone needs personal space)
  • Physical love is important in romantic relationships (make it a priority!)
  • Enhance your shared goals and try to make them happen as often as possible
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously! Laugh as often as you can and share your insights with your partner and ask for theirs, too.
  • Most of all, do not compare your relationship with anyone else’s.

You and your mate are unique creations and the union you are designing is also one of a kind.

No matter how well intentioned family and friends are they do not have a full view into what goes on between you and your beloved.
If it gets to the point where you want to have outside input then you should seek the
appropriate qualified and relationship-friendly person.

For more helpful do it yourself insights for maintaining healthy relationships please:

Download your copy of the eBook “Getting From Hello To Forever Together” here!