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Getting From Hello To Forever Together - A-Love- Guide-BookGetting From Hello To Forever Together is passionately and empathetically crafted.
It is a love guide BOOK written by Yvonne Finn for couples seeking to create
a lasting and dynamic love match.

Whether you are just going on your first date or already in a long-term romantic relationship the insights and quizzes should help in  your search for your beloved.
The insights in this easy-to-read love guide book  are:
>Fun and delightful

In addition, you will explore case studies and complete interactive quizzes that
have helped couples just like you in achieving strong, healthy and fulfilling love relationship.

Getting From Hello To Forever Together is written  in a non-hype and non-preachy style to
gently encourage couples to design and build real relationships and not to aim for those
Hollywood fantasies.
This blueprint aims to help you remain connected despite inevitable obstacles.
It will also keep your romance and love sparkling and ever-green.

I hope that you and spouse or potential life mate will make the effort to complete the thought-provoking quizzes with the intention of creating and enjoying a lifetime of commitment and exciting connection together forever…

About the Book Author

Your Relationship Whisperer, Yvonne Finn is an expert in advice, mentoring and coaching for the dating and relationship industry. She researches and writes content for the dating and relationship industry and her
expertise is a combination derived from her experiences, anecdotal accounts from her readers and from case studies.

Over the past two decades Yvonne has shared her relationship and love advice with many couples. Her expert advice through blogs, articles and one-on-one meetings has saved many marriages and helped people move on with their lives.

Yvonne is passionate about helping couples create and maintain loving and lasting relationships which are warm, sensuous, respectful and mutually fulfilling.
Now this first book makes it even easier for everyone to benefit from her help in learning how to:

  • Become and stay friends with your life-partner
  • Communicate lovingly and respectfully
  • Infuse enthusiasm, fun and joy into your life together.

Yvonne also blogs regularly on her two other relationship websites and is a prolific content writer for several online article directories, including Ezine articles where she has been a Platinum author for several years.

Especially relevant is the way in which Yvonne’s advice differs from others in her field; she believes that no one can be more of an expert in your relationship than you and your partner are.
You must, however, be aware of when to seek out and work with the appropriate professionals who can help you revive or save your marriage or relationship.

Although her own 40 year relationship with the same soul mate has taken many twists and turns;
She and her beloved have successfully and cooperatively re-engineered their “forever together” many
times over the years to ensure that it remains optimally fulfilling and mutually joyful.

Yvonne is optimistic that you can do the same with your relationship!