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Men in love with women are not as hard to decipher as some would have you believe or as mysterious.

Discover Eight Reasons Men Avoid Commitment

Do men experience love differently than women do?
Or, do they simply express the emotion differently?

On the surface it appears that women are more open, courageous
and daring in romantic relationships.

Women are willing to go all-in; sometimes too much so and too soon.

For him to share or express feeling of love, he must feel completely connected and safe in the knowledge that his vulnerability will not be
abused or ridiculed.

Men in love are prepared to take their time to be sure of what they feel.
It cannot be discounted that there are men who only want to play the field
Men who are liars and users who disrespect women and string them along
for their own ego gratification.

However, these types of men eventually send up red flags which can alert
an aware and discerning woman of this dead end path.

Men Do Want Love Too!

Most men do want a love relationship and are happy when they meet their
ideal love connection.

Throughout history men have forsaken family, friends and fortunes for the
sake of the woman they love.

Men in love have given up thrones, gone to war and built monuments for
their sweetheart.

Men have and do make the grand gesture for love, they just don’t do it
as easily or readily as women do …

  • Men want to feel loved and admired by their partners.
  • Men want to be respected and appreciated.
  • Men need to feel safe emotionally so that they can be themselves in their relationship.

Actually, that is not so different from what women in love want,
is it?

So, why does it seem that for him romantic relationships are so
hard to figure out?

Could it be because men and women have different ways of expressing
their feelings and asking for what they want and need in a relationship?
What Men Secretly Want

On this page you will receive several unique resources by well respected
and expert relationship coaches, counselors and authors.

One such expert is Kara Oh of Men Made Easy fame.
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information that is bound to help anyone who makes the effort to read
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Do men need love and respect in equal parts?

Discover what men need to commit to the you and the relationship and why so many
women get it wrong.

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