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Women In Love With Men!

For her love can be a liberating, empowering and expressive emotion.

This is often a good thing because men can be somewhat clueless about the signs
of love that women give them.

However, it must also be noted that sometimes women in love are experiencing
a one sided love affair which they fail to notice and address.
These women then go into hyper activity trying to convince an uninterested or
incompatible man to return love he does not feel for her.
All that can be done at this point is to withdraw with grace and move on.
Unfortunately many women do not do so and end up bitter and resentful towards
not just that man specifically – but men in general.

The emotion of love in romantic relationships is complicated by sex and sexual
jealousy which can make couples seem more like enemies than friends.

Women do not have a monopoly on sexual jealousy and insecurity but because
their self esteem is so connected to how they look the betrayal of their partner’s infidelity can be devastating.

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